Welcome to Gaffer-Cafe!

You will find Gaffer-Cafe right in the centrum of Varkaus on the first floor of shopping center Forum! You can easily enter cafe from either the front door from Pirnankatu or from the inner hall of the shopping center.

Our café

We offer you professional but casual service, delicious flavours and a comfortable atmosphere. Cafe offers space for peaceful work, relaxing me-time or carefree socializing with friends. We offer you service in the cozy cafe atmosphere every day of the week!

Our food

Gaffer offers both sweet and savory treats to enjoy. Choose salad or baguette with flavours of your choosing, perhaps taste a chicken bagel with goat cheese or cherish your taste buds with some home-made apple pie. Come and see the complete menu and find your own favourite!

Our drinks

Gaffer loves coffee! You can enjoy your coffee fresh. We grind beans to both filter coffee and espresso coffee on the spot, just before making it. That is how we can be sure that each cup is full of flavour and fresh, high quality coffee. In our selection there are several specialty coffee beverages, such as espresso, cappuccino and caffe latte.

Beans for our coffees come from Record Coffee Company from Kuopio, Finland. People in Record Coffee Company are professionals of taste, craftsmen and people who travelled the world. Their roast philanthropy is to roast coffee, emphasizing the specific flavours of each coffee. It is important for us to know the quality and origin of our beans. Co-operating with local coffee roastery, we can know as well the journey from the plantation to the cup. We sell beans and filter coffee in a pack of 250 grams. Great  gift for you or a friend who loves coffee <3

Contact us!

Pirnankatu 4
78200 Varkaus, FINLAND

Tel. +358 20 793 1959
e-mail. info@gaffer-cafe.com